Sphinx Lodge No.107 I.C. was the very first Lodge of Freemasons to be constituted in Sri Lanka, but unfortunately it fell into abeyance, and the Warrant was returned to the Grand Lodge. Subsequently, another Lodge under the United Grand Lodge of England was constituted, and this Lodge is now considered to be the oldest Lodge in Sri Lanka. Happily for Sphinx Lodge, it was resuscitated in 1861, and so it is the second oldest Lodge now, but with its proud traditions and history, it is second to none in all other respects.

I can well remember the 125th anniversary celebrations of Sphinx Lodge, when I was, I believe, the Senior Warden of the Lodge. At that time I did not think so far ahead as to visualize the 150th anniversary. Well, a quarter of a century has elapsed since then, and by the grace of God I am still around, but many good brethren have fallen by the wayside during this period, but fortunately, many good brethren have also joined our ranks, and I hope and pray that some of these younger brethren will be present at the bicentenary celebrations when Sphinx Lodge and Irish Freemasonry in Sri Lanka will still be retaining their pristine glory.
Rt. W. Bro. Colonel R. Harindran
Provincial Past Grand Master

Provincial Grand lodge of Sri Lanka
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