Message from 150th Worshipful Master

With my involvement with Freemasonry for nearly two decades, right through out, I have found Masonry to be a wonderful organization and a unique system of brotherhood. Ever since I heard of Freemasonry, which impressed many great stalwarts and leaders all over the world, it was my dream to join Free Masonry. From the time of my initiation and right up to today, I have enjoyed every moment of great camaraderie and fellowship of freemasonry. If there be some regret in me, that is of not joining this organization much earlier.

What a great honor to occupy the Eastern Chair, of our Sphinx Lodge No: 107, that too, on her 150th or Sesquicentennial anniversary. My predecessors have set a tremendous bench mark. But I am sure and confident with the help, support and guidance from my Lodge brethren; we can uphold and even surpass the set standards and take Sphinx Lodge to greater heights. Let us set the goals, work hard with dedication and devotion, and involve ourselves fully in Masonry. Quality is more important than quantity. Let us strive to get more masonry into men, rather than more men into masonry.

V. W. Bro. Air Vice Marshal Channa Gunaratna
150th Worshipful Master