Message from Worshipful Master

My Dear Brethren,

It is with a sense of humility that I accepted the honour of the Eastern Chair of Sphinx Lodge in its 156th year of great Masonic service. I am humbled by the wisdom and commitment with which my predecessors worked during its existence of 150 years to make Sphinx Lodge shine in the galaxy of Freemasonry. History has it that all was not fine in the journey thus far, but resilience, endurance and common purpose prevailed over all obstacles. It is now our collective responsibility to carry on this heritage with pride as we move on.

As Worshipful Master of Sphinx Lodge, during my term in office I wish to preside with the grace and guidance of the Great Architect of the Universe, the help of all surviving Past Masters of the Lodge, and the goodwill and support of all brethren. Peace, Love and Harmony in the Lodge must remain unshaken and nothing should disturb that. There is always another point of view or another way to doing something, but what is important is to share and discuss the opposing perspectives without disturbing the peace and harmony of the Lodge. Lets remind our selves that our common goal is to be better men (not lesser men)!

Irregular attendance appears to be a general phenomena looming over most lodges, and Sphinx Lodge is not spared from that. Busy personal and work schedules account for most part of the reason, and that is also perhaps reason for some to shy away from the responsibility of floor workings of the Lodge. Whilst fully appreciating the difficulties, I subscribe to the view that we chose Freemasonry by our own freewill and accord, hence we should at least make an effort to do our part in the great work of Freemasonry within our individual capacities. We must in the least make an effort to attend and do what is expected of us. This probably is how we can best benefit from the art and teachings of Freemasonry, and in so doing become a true source of light and knowledge to society.

Globalisation and technology are shaping life and the world around us, but together they can also be used to one’s advantage, and that is true for freemasonry as well. The close bondage we share via email and the Internet with brethren of Sphinx residing in India, Singapore and other parts of the world is a classic case in point. We have progressed from the days of the length of the cable tow in some ways. Thanks to information and communication technology we today enjoy the pleasure and company of like-minded Masonic brethren from different parts of the world. The sharing of experiences and knowledge with brethren who continue to find us through the World Wide Web is truly refreshing and educating, and my sincere hope is that more brethren would connect with us and visit us.

We often hear the rumbling that Freemasonry may get doomed or extinct if we don’t move with times. Brethren, we must move with times, but without compromising the teachings, values and principles upon which freemasonry was founded. Times have always changed and Freemasonry has survived all that change and remained valid for centuries. We should be relevant with time and adapt as necessary, but within reason so that our very foundations are not distorted. As we take pride in how our great predecessors articulated and shaped the world for the good of all mankind, endowed with wisdom and the great teachings and values of Freemasonry, let us handover to the next generation that true form of Freemasonry as we learnt it.

Last but not least, during my term in office as Worshipful Master, I would earnestly endeavour to build closer ties with all lodges under the Irish Constitution in Sri Lanka, and start reaching out to all lodges of other Constitutions in the country, so that together we stand as a close and strong fraternity of Freemasons.

The task of governing Sphinx Lodge I accept with great pleasure and due responsibility knowing well that I have the comfort of experienced and committed offices and brethren of the lodge. Sphinx has had the privilege of close friendships and ties with other lodges of the Irish as well as the English and Scottish Constitutions. I remain hopeful that we would be able to further reinforce these bonds and rise above all perceived differences to stand tall as Masonic brethren.
I wish you all well and count on your fraternal support!

Fraternal Greetings,

V W Bro Venkatachari Lakshminarayanan
Worshipful Master, Sphinx Lodge 107 IC